USC updates corona virus

On this page we’ll keep you posted regarding the measures that we will be taking to help prevent the corona virus from spreading. Check this page regularly for the most recent updates!

Update 26 March
We don’t have an answer yet to all your questions about memberships and courses. That’s because a lot is still unclear for us. But, we have decided on the following:

  • All USC members will be included in some sort of arrangement. Whether you play in our futsal competition, joined a yoga course in period 3, or have a year membership to our fitness. Due to the complexity of our organization, with all its courses, different sports and memberships, it isn’t possible to draw up one single arrangement that applies to all. But believe me: we’re working on it!
  • In April, we won’t collect for direct debit memberships.

USC is heading for some tough times. Of course we’ll remain positive, as that is what suits a sports organization. However, we do need your support and your patience. Give us some time to come up with a plan. As soon as we know where we stand regarding our closure, you’ll be hearing from us.

You can always send us an email ( But if your question isn’t super urgent, please consider postponing it. And in the main time, just check our #stayathome (live) workouts.

We miss you guys. A lot.

Update 20 March
With our Stay at Home workouts, USC brings some much needed distraction to your home. It can’t be easy, spending so many hours in a room of just 12m2 (or a little more, if you’re lucky). Anyways: since we all have to stay at home for a while, let’s spend our time as comfortable and useful as possible. And so we’ve asked all our instructors to make Stay at home workouts.

A wish we’ve had for quite some time now, has become reality in just a matter of days: video workouts! Many instructors have already send us some amazing videos. There are some classes on Instagram and YouTube already, and over 40 of you guys just joined the first LIVE #stayathome workout! The live classes are offered – free of charge of course – in the Facebook group USC Groepsfitness to both members as well as non-members.

Check the full offer + schedule for live classes of the Stay at Home workouts. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay fit! ❤️

Update 19 March
Starting today, you can reach USC by phone during the following hours;

  • Sportcentrum Universum (all USC related questions, for all locations) | Monday – Friday between 11.00 and 13.00 on: 020 5258930.
  • USC Tennis (for questions regarding tennis and padel) | Monday – Friday between 11.00 and 13.00 on: 020 5258932.

If you have a (very) urgent question, send an email to our member services:

Want to stay fit while at home? Check our Stay at home workouts! We keep working on more, so you can try a different workout every time. We’re also starting LIVE #stayathome workouts via our Facebook group USC Groepsfitness.

Update 17 March
We understand you might have some questions regarding your membership or course. However, we don’t really have answers to those questions yet. We will inform you as soon as possible. Please be prepared for those answers to take a while, just like most things in our society at this point. For now: stay strong, stay healthy and stay at home!

Update 13 March
All USC locations will be closed per 13 March due to the corona virus. This means there will be no USC sports program at any of our locations as well as external locations until further notice.

HvA and UvA have cancelled all their educational activities until the end of March, just like the other Dutch higher education institutes. NOC*NSF has decided to cancel all (organized) sport in the entire country. Therefore USC has made the decision to close its locations starting today and cancel all sports activities.

Important information for you as USC visitor:

  • We don’t have an answer yet to all questions regarding current memberships as well as courses. We’ll let you know when we know more.
  • The online sale of the 4th course period will not start coming Monday.
  • Any further questions? The front desk at Universum can be contacted from Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00. You can also send an email to our member services.

Update 12 March
After consulting with the UvA, we’ve decided to close all USC locations per Friday 13 March. This means there will be no sports program at any of our locations for now.

Update 12 March
Starting today, we’ll keep you posted on this page. We still follow the UvA advice and measures.

Update 4 March
USC is monitoring the situation concerning the corona virus closely. We’ll stick to UvA and HvA policy when taking any measures. UvA and HvA are  following the instructions of RIVM and GGD. For you as USC visitor, but for anyone really, it’s important to take care of your personal hygiene. In case of any symptoms, contact your general practitioner. You can find the latest information on the UvA website.