Work out safely: what you need to know

Safety measures at USC locations
The My USC access app
Reservation rules
House rules
Purchase memberships online
What you can do


  • Classes are a little shorter and don’t all start at the same time: this way you don’t run into each other in the hallways.
  • The maximum amount of visitors is low enough to be able to maintain 1.5 meter distance everywhere.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance for all visitors.
  • Cleaning spray and paper is available, if you work out or if you rent at one of our locations.
  • Directions and instructions are indicated at our facilities.
  • Workout stations are at least 1.5 meter apart from each other.
  • Our air systems more than meet the governmental requirements. They supply fresh air from outside and do not recirculate the air inside. (Swing) fans and air conditioning that move air without discharging it are not used.
  • Sportcentrum Universum and ClubWest keep their saunas closed for now.


Since 1 July, you can choose how to enter USC facilities: with your finger scan or with the new My USC access app. With the app, you don’t have to touch anything: corona proof! Download the My USC access appAndroid and iOS (search the store). With the app you can easily scan the QR code at the entrance. Note: you do not use the app to make reservations (more about that below). It will only give you access to our buildings on those spots where you had to scan your finger before.


A very direct consequence of corona: the intensification of our reservation rules. The most important ones:

  • You need a reservation for every visit to USC, except for courses and competitions. In this way we can regulate the amount of visitors and make source and contact research easier, if necessary.
  • Make a reservation in the timetable on your sports page. For example, you can make a reservation for fitness on this fitness page.
  • A maximum of 4 reservations in the consecutive 6 days. On the day itself, the number of reservations is unlimited.
  • The gates will only open with a reservation (as mentioned: with finger scan or My USC access app).
  • You can enter our facilities 15 minutes before the start of your activity, in order to change.
  • You can enter our facilities until 30 minutes after the start of your activity. After 30 minutes your reservation is canceled and you can’t get in.

Read all reservation rules!


Of course our house rules are no longer what they used to be. No high fives, no hugs in the gym. Please read our additional corona house rules carefully before heading to USC. We can only keep things safe together.


Our capacity will be scaled up step by step. As soon as we see we can do more, we will expand where possible. We’ll always follow governmental guidelines.


In need of a new membership? Or do you want to subscribe for a course? Fix it online, preferably! Try to avoid queues at our front desks. Check this video to see how to make an account in My USC (if you don’t have one yet) and how to purchase a membership. If you can’t figure it out, come to a front desk and we will guide you through your online purchase!


We can’t do this alone. That’s why we ask you to take your responsibility as well.

  • Stick to the additional house rules.
  • Don’t come if you have a cold, if you’re coughing, running a fever or when you’ve been in contact with someone showing these symptoms.
  • Do the health check at the entrance and don’t enter our facilities if you have answered one of the questions with ‘yes’.
  • Bring your own material as much as you can. We don’t lend small fitness material, such as elastic bands, ankle weights or towels. You can buy some fitness material as well as towels at our front desk.
  • Take your responsibility and take account of others. Give each other space.