USC Challenge #1: one month down…

So Carlijn, how are you doing…?

It’s been a month already since I started this muscle-up challenge full of confidence. We’re already halfway through. I’ve been training 3 to 5 times a week and I’ve seen a lot of progression last month, mostly regarding strength.

Besides building strength, I try to focus more on the technique of the muscle-up now. I’ve been using resistance bands a lot lately. This is not yet going as smooth as I hoped it would, which makes it a little hard to keep believing that I will make it to nailing that muscle-up. I do know that every process has its ups and downs, so I just keep going.

It’s so nice to see that everyone is super invested. Lots of people ask me how I’m doing. This is super motivating, so thanks a lot! And when I notice the progression I’ve made last month, it gives me the strength to keep doing my very best to reach my goal!

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