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Video workouts, for when you can’t train at the gym for a while…


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Week 24

USC has had to close its doors due to the corona virus. Like you, we’re not happy about that at all… 😢 However, with these video workouts you can keep training from home!

Most of the videos can be found on this page.
We also post workouts in the Instagram highlight @ home workouts.
We offer LIVE #stayathome workouts as well, via USC Groepsfitness or Zoom.
We try to add new videos regularly, so you can do a different workout every time.


LIVE #stayathome workouts

The #stayathome workouts are going LIVE! We will be doing workouts live from our facebook group USC Groepsfitness and via Zoom 😍

USC Groepsfitness

  • Wednesday 1-4, 20.00 | PILATES – Laura
  • Thursday 2-4, 8.30 | YOGA BASIC – Lieke
  • Friday 3-4, 10.00 | SHAPE – Laura
  • Friday 3-4, 18.00 | AEROBICS – Lieke
  • Saturday 4-4, 10.00 | YOGA BASIC – Lieke
  • Sunday 5-4, 10.00 | PILATES – Laura


Check our facebook page USC Body & Mind for the link to each Zoom class. Araliya Bosma teaches the live yoga classes, which will take around 75 minutes. We’ll post the link right before the class starts.

  • Wednesday 1-4, 15.00 | HATHA
  • Friday 3-4, 16.00 | HATHA

Instagram @ home workouts

Check our Instagram stories for some other #stayathome workouts. We’ll keep sharing workouts there and saving them for you in the Instagram highlight @ home workouts, so you can watch them longer than 24h.

Newest videos

Yin yoga by Dorien Immig

Core for spinning by Ruurd Kaper


Circuit training by Christian Jelders

3 rounds

  • Jumping rope – 30 sec.
  • Stairs with knee raises – 3x up the stairs
  • Burpees – 10x
  • Plank push-up – 10x
  • Sit-ups – 25x
  • Wall sit – 30 sec.
  • Alternate jumps – 20x
  • Push-ups – 15x
  • Squat jumps – 10x
  • Standing on one leg – 10 sec. per leg

Lower body workout by Hamza Bouamrani

Circuit training by Emile te Riele

HIIT door Jelmer Stiekema

20x HIIT Challenge door Kelsey Koffijberg

BB workout by Jelmer Stiekema

Abdominal and glute training

What you need for this workout
– Chair
– Your system’s sound on 100%

– Skip left
– Skip right
– Hop
– Squat

– Split squat left
– Glute bridge left
– Split squat right
– Glute bridge right

– Leg raise
– Plank
– Side plank left
– Side plank right

Upper body workout by Hamza Bouamrani

Circuit training by Christian Jelders

Core for spinning by Ruurd Kaper

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga by Rianne Ruinaard

Flow yoga by Lucy Griffith

Mindful outdoor by Jago Bunnik

Mindful outdoor training

  • Be kind to yourself by moving in a save, painless and comfortable way.
  • Do your favorite exercises. For the total training as well as per exercise, find a duration, tempo and effort that feels comfortable.
  • Take a break or change between exercises regularly. Just slight fatigue is enough to create a positive physical stimulus. Real gain is without pain!
  • With this mindset you’ll have enough energy left to get some insight into all the things going on in your head.

Critical alignment yoga by Iris Reyes

Critical alignment yoga | lower back by Yvonne Teuben

Yin yoga by Dorien Immig


Pilates by Rianne Ruinaard

Combat sports

(Kick)boxing shadow training by Heisam Saleh

Kumdo by Dominic den Drijver

Wing chun by Ginny Chow

Shorinji kempo by Jaap Stahlie



You don’t have to be a member of USC to use the Stay at home workouts.

Want to do the LIVE #stayathome workouts via Facebook? Join the group USC Groepsfitness.


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