Type: Combat sports, Passe-partout

Shorinji kempo

This modern Japanese self defence martial art stands out to other combat sports by a combination of Kongo Zen Meditations and Buddhist philosophy. Ultimate aim is to develop your body and mind.


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Shorinji kempo at the USC: how does it work?

  • You can train twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday. See timetable.
  • You can take this trainings with your shorinji- or passe-partout membership.
  • Beginners and advanced train at the same time.
  • You can join this training all year through.
  • You are welcome to do a trial training. Just ask at the front desk of sportcentrum Universum before the training starts.
  • With your membership you can also join the circuit training for combat sportsmen and the free training hours in the dojo. Both are available in sportcentrum Universum.


  • This efficient method of self defence is not based on strength but on understanding the dynamics of balance, physiology and body movements.
  • It is a training system for creating balance between mind and body. To accomplish this Shorinji kempo uses two training methods: meditation (good posture, calm and relaxed breathing) and martial training (improving self-confidence and determination).
  • It is a versatile and good physical exercise.
  • You can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 months membership.

Wear en gear

Sports wear meets the requirements for the first (free trail) training. After that, a Shorinji kempo dogi is preferred. These are for sale from the teacher.


Trainings are given by Instructor Jaap Stahlie (3rd Dan), Assistant Instructor Dennis Klonnek (2nd Dan) and the support of other Shorinji kempo dan kenshi.


Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! Shorinji kempo is part of the passe-partout.

Trial training


Shorinji kempo / half year

Category I € 63,-

Category II € 123,-

Category III € 204.30

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Shorinji kempo / year

Category I € 105,-

Category II € 211,-

Category III € 372,-

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Shorinji kempo / 3 months

Category I € 37.50

Category II € 68.50

Category III € 119.20

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Online or at the front desk

Payment in monthly instalments
That is possible for the below membership. Check all info for paying monthly before you fix it at a USC front desk.

Direct debit: monthly tariffs
Shorinji kempo / year
cat. III € 34,-


Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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Cat. I Students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II Employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III Anyone else