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Starting 18 May you can join USC Open Air at 3 USC locations: ClubWest, ASC and Universum.


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USC Open Air

Extensive program for outdoor training
Corona proof!
At 3 USC locations: ASC, ClubWest and Universum

How does USC Open Air work?

  • With an Open Air Membership you can book workouts in the schedule above.
  • All workouts in the USC Open Air program require a reservation.
  • You can make a reservation 6 days in advance.
  • Workouts may be cancelled in case of bad weather.

Book your workouts responsibly

You can book all activities in the Open Air program for the next 6 days. We want to ask you to think about the number of bookings you make: if one person books 5 or 6 fitness timeslots, there won’t be much left for others.

It would be a real shame if you’d make a reservation and cannot come. In that case, please make sure someone else can use your spot by cancelling your booking (this is a link to your current reservations) as early as possible.

1 July

USC might be offering an indoor sports program starting 1 JulyFingers crossed! In the meantime, the USC Open Air program will continue until 1 July at least! So don’t hesitate to get that Open Air Membership :-) We will keep you posted on our corona updates page!

All workouts

BBB. Body weight training. Bootcamp. Bouldering. Boxing. Capoeira. Circuit workout. Combat. Essentrics. Fat attack. Fencing. Fitness (individual). HIIT & abs. Karate. Kumdo. MMA. Pilates. Shadow boxing. Walk & shape. Yoga.

Please note: You also have to make a reservation for an individual fitness session. Select a timeslot ‘Fitness’ in the timetable above.

Additional house rules

Read our additional house rules thoroughly before coming to USC!

How to get an Open Air Membership

It’s very easy! Just check the Subscribe section on this page and purchase the Open Air Membership in our webshop. As soon as you have the membership, you can book any workout in the Open Air program.

Why a separate membership?

We can’t offer a full-fledged fitness program, and we don’t want to suggest we can. That’s why we don’t offer this outdoor program as part of our regular fitness membership, but in a separate (cheaper!) Open Air Membership.

We decided to offer a one month membership only. It is unclear when we can reopen indoors. If we can, we don’t want you to be stuck with a membership you don’t use because you’d rather train indoors.


You can work on your gains again! We haven’t moved our entire inventory outdoors, only the basics. Weights, a squat rack, bench press, and some cardio. Enough to do a proper individual training session.

Group fitness

BBB is a training for the three B’s: buik (abs), billen (glutes) and benen (legs). You start with a low-impact warming-up followed by various exercises for those muscle groups. 

Body weight training
An intense strength workout in which you mostly work with your own body weight.

In the bootcamp classes, you do a lot of running and a lot of exercises, both cardio and strength. A nice full body workout.

Circuit workout
The outdoor replacement for Synrgy! You will get tired. Definitely. Circuit workout is a high intensity interval training. It’s fun and diverse.

In this workout you train your entire body in a circuit session with the use of techniques from (kick-)boxing. You’ll improve self defence techniques, strength and endurance. You do not need to have a background in combat sports.

Essentrics is an effective toning workout on music. Dynamic stretches and fluid movements will quickly result in strong, lean and flexible muscles.

Fat attack
A high intensity cardio and strength training. Low pace with heavy weights alternated by high rythm excercises with small weights. All excercises are easy to do for anyone. Non stop sweating guranteed!

HIIT & abs
High Intensity Interval Training followed by a nice round of abs. In this interval training, short periods of intense exercise are followed by short breaks. You’ll finish with 15 minutes of abs.

Key words in pilates are body posture and control, souplesse, breathing and consciousness. You do predominantly floor exercises which cover every posture muscle in your body, especially the abdomen, back and glutes. The result: a better posture and more flexible body.

Shadow boxing
Boxing, but without hurting someone else! An effective technique training for combat sports.

Walk & shape
In this workout at ClubWest, a walk/run around Sloterplas is combined with toning exercises.

Yoga (basic)
The name says it all, this is a basic yoga training. And therefore it’s easily accessible to everyone, even if you don’t have any experience with yoga.


The outdoor boulder is filled with awesome routes again. So come and climb, but read our additional bouldering rules first!

Combat sports

With your Open Air Membership, you can join some combat sports trainings as well. The trainings are for both beginners as well as those with experience.

  • Boxing by Stef
  • Capoeira by Vagner
  • Fencing by Christian
  • Karate by Jaap and/or Robbert
  • Kumdo by Dominic
  • MMA by Daan



All activities in the Open Air program will be scaled up step by step. This means;

  • more timeslots
  • more spots per timeslots
  • more classes

When we can take the next step, we will do so a.s.a.p. We’ll always follow governmental guidelines.

  • Check the schedule regularly to see if we added more possibilities.
  • You can make a reservation 6 days in advance.


Open Air Membership / month

Category I € 10,-

Category II € 15,-

Category III € 20,-

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Get your membership
Available online only, USC front desks are closed.

Send an email to usc@uscsport.nl or chat with us via facebook messenger / instagram.

You can reach us by phone:
Monday – Friday 11.00 – 13.00


Categories shortened for full categories

Cat. I Students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II Employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III Anyone else