Short workouts! Heartbeat up – sweat – or heartbeat down – chill, you choose.


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Week 24

Starting January at ClubWest: HE♥RTBE♥TS

30 min. workouts
heartbeat up | sweat, fun, strength, cardio
heartbeat down | relax, zen, stretching
before or after school


Short workouts before or after school! HEARTBEATS are 30 min. workouts, every weekday at 8:15, 16:00 and 16:45. Heartbeat up workouts make you sweat, in heartbeat down workouts you can chill.

Workouts: Bag training, Booty power, HIIT, Mindful meditation, Stretch & relax, Yoga, Zumba

HEARTBEATS timetable


Heartbeat up
08.15 | HIIT | Kelsey
16.00 | Zumba | Natalie (starts Jan 13)
16.45 | Bag training | Glen

Heartbeat down
16.00 | Yoga | Karthikeyan
16.45 | Mindful meditation | Karthikeyan


Heartbeat up
08.15 | Bag training | Hamid
16.00 | HIIT | Hamid


Heartbeat up
08.15 | HIIT | Hamza
16.00 | Booty power | Celine
16.45 | Bag training | Monique


Heartbeat up
08.15 | Bag training | Hamid
16.00 | Bag training | Glen
16.45 | HIIT | Glen

Heartbeat down
16.00 | Stretch & relax | Hamid


Heartbeat up
08.15 | HIIT | Guiseppe
16.00 | Zumba | Carina
16.45 | Booty power | Carina

Heartbeat down
16.00 | Yoga | Karthikeyan
16.45 | Mindful meditation | Karthikeyan

HEARTBEATS workouts explained

Bag training

Hitting and kicking the boxing bag, combined with full body exercises. Of course we’ll focus on your technique as well.

Booty power

Train the biggest muscles of your body from different angles with a variety of exercises. Power booty in the making!


High Intensity Interval Training. This form of interval training consists of short periods of intense exercise, followed by short breaks. You will improve your endurance, as well as your speed and strength.

Mindful meditation

Learn to apply meditation techniques into your daily life, so you can handle stress better and stay more focused.


Half an hour of stretching under professional guidance. Get flexible and let the tension flow away.


Relax, with techniques from different sorts of yoga. Breathing, poses and relaxation.


Zumba is a combination of fitness and dance. Nice beats and a party vibe are guaranteed!


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