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With your USC fitness membership you can follow a whole bunch of group fitness workouts, such as spinning, pilates and zumba. At 5 locations in Amsterdam!


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Group fitness at the USC: how?

  • With a fitness – or passe-partout membership you can follow all the group fitness workouts at the USC.
  • You can follow group fitness workouts at our 5 fitness locations.
  • With a fitness membership you can also follow all the small group workouts.
  • You can try out 3x for €5,- with a trial membership.

Get a ticket for your class

In sportcentrum Universum, ClubWest and Amstelcampus you need a ticket to enter all group fitness classes. You can make an online reservation for your favourite class. That’s very easy using the timetables above. After your online reservation you still need to get your ticket at one of the ticket machines. Note: your online reservartion is valid until 5 minutes before the start of the class. In any case: always get your ticket before the start of the class.

Class at CREA? Make a reservation!

For the classes at CREA you are required to make an online reservation before the start of the class. This way our instructor can check if you have a membership: we don’t have any fancy finger scan tourniquets at CREA!

All group fitness classes

Bag training, Barreworkout, BBB, Body power, Booty power, Boxercise, Bungee super fly, Combat, Circuit training, Core power, Essentrics, Fat attack, Fitness circuit, In-/outdoor, Kick & shape, Pilates, Spinning, Steps, Step basic, Total body workout, Yoga basic, Zumba.

All group fitness workouts explained

Bag training

Hitting and kicking the boxing bag, combined with full body exercises. Of course we’ll focus on your technique as well.


Ballet Barre training is the newest fitness trend. TrippleShape® is the first Barreworkout in the Netherlands! It’s a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga on contemporary music in an energetic and relaxed setting! 


BBB is a training for the three B’s: belly (abdomen), buttocks and legs (in Dutch ‘benen’). You start with a low-impact warming-up followed by various exercises for aforementioned muscle groups. 

Body power

You do a group barbell workout on music. There are no steps or dance combinations, just easy and efficient exercises with barbells and dumbbells. Body power is strongly linked to regular fitness activities. 

Booty power

Train the biggest muscles of your body from different angles with a variety of exercises. Power booty in the making!


During Boxercise you learn the basic boxing techniques by a certified boxing trainer. Think feet work and basic punching. These techniques are practiced in couples. Boxing gloves and pads are used for this. in between you get drills from the instructor: intensive exercises for your endurance. A combat sports back ground is not needed. So put on your gloves and go for it.

Bungee super fly

Bungee Super Fly® is a high-intensity workout at a bungee elastic with a mega fun factor. You feel like a super hero and will almost forget that you are working out. As you jump in the air, your pulse will rapidly rise and your fat burn will be high. The bungee will give a different dimension to burpees, push-ups and jumps; your muscles will be challenged in a different way.

Circuit training

A circuit training session with all available material. After an active warming-up with different ways of running and a short stretch, you do a combination of exercises in a circuit. You run and jump a lot in this training, the intensity of which you determine for yourself. It is a heavy training session in which your whole body is trained for strength and condition. 


In this workout you train your whole body in circuit session with the use of techniques from (kick-)boxing. You learn and improve self defence techniques. You are challenged to improve your power and endurance. You do not need a combat sports background.

Core power

Core power is a unique training programme, in which strength, endurance and co-ordination are combined into an effective workout. With Core power you do ‘functional power training’  with exercises aimed at muscle groups that work together effectively. Core power brings your training ‘back to basics’: pushing, pulling, lifting, turning, bending and stretching.


With Essentrics you do an effective toning workout on music. Dynamic stretches and fluid movements will quickly result in strong, lean and flexible muscles. You work on a slim silhouette, more flexibility and a better posture. You do not need weights or fancy steps for this. This class is suitable for all members regardless of level, age or sex. 

Fat attack

A high intensity cardio and strength training. Low pace and heavy weights alternated by high rythm excercises with small weights. Various attributes will be used during the training, like kickbags, steps, ropes and kettlebells. All excercises are easy to follow for all participants. Non stop sweating guranteed!

Fitness Circuit

In this circuit training, different set-ups and materials in the gym are used. Fitness Circuit is a full body workout in which you also work on endurance. Our instructor will make you sweat! Only at ClubWest.

High Intensity Workout

A high intensity cardio training with pumping music, a lot of high impact (= jumping!) and body weight exercises. Don’t expect difficult dance moves, do expect to sweat a lot! You will work on your total condition, a stronger body and a very satisfied feeling.
This class is given at Amstelcampus.


In the In-/outdoor training class you work on strength, endurance and load-taking capacity. You do a mixture of body weight exercises as well as compound exercises. This class is given at ClubWest.

Kick & shape

An intense class in which you make various punch and kick techniques against a punch bag to upbeat music. Go for it and grow fitter and stronger. For this class you need boxing gloves. You can lend these at the desk.


Your key words in Pilates: body posture and control, suppleness, breathing and consciousness. You do predominantly floor exercises which cover every posture muscle in your body, especially the abdomen, back and buttocks. You do the exercises slow, fluid and in conjunction with your breathing. During a Pilates class, it isn’t about the number of repetitions and exhausting yourself – it’s about the care and precision with which you execute the movements. The result: a better posture and more supple body.


This is a workout on a spinning bike under guidance of an instructor. During this ‘cycle tour’ you can adjust speed, resistance and your posture (sitting/standing). The stimulating effects of music can give just that extra impuls. At any moment you can decide the intensity that suits you.

Step & shape

This workout is a combination of steps and body shape. The combinations are easy to follow. 

Total body workout

The name has it: during this workout you train your total body. You can expect anything: from aerobics to barbell exercises, from high impact to total acidification to the max. You work on your total condition, cardio as well as muscle endurance. You do exercises for all muscle groups: back, arms, abdomen, shoulders, breast and legs.

Yoga basic

The name says it all; this is a basic yoga training. And therefor easily accessible for everyone. By the way, this is the only yoga training you can do with your fitness membership. Want to have more yoga? You can follow 9 week yoga courses at USC Body & Mind! At ClubWest we offer a yoga membership with daily yoga classes (except Saturday).


Zumba is a combination of fitness and dance movements set to world and Latin music such as salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, calypso, flamenco and hiphop. Do you like swinging music and want to lose weight? Then this is your workout. Party mood guaranteed.

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Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! This membership comprises a whole lot of different sports. Group fitness is part of the passe-partout.

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