With a fitness membership at the USC you can train at our 5 fitness locations in Amsterdam. Besides professionality and modern machines, we most of all offer you a very sweet ambiance. And you can experience it yourself: you are always welcome to try out our fitness!


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    Why would you choose the USC?

    • You can train at 5 USC locations in Amsterdam on 1 membership.
    • You can do individual training.
    • You can follow all small group trainings in the gym (check timetable).
    • You can follow +/- 200 (group) fitness classes at 4 USC locations (check timetable).
    • There is a weightlifting platform at Universum.
    • There are barbell platforms at ClubWest, PCH Fitness and ASC.
    • There’s always a fitness instructor present. And they can provide a free training schedule.
    • You can choose between various fitness memberships.
    • You can always have a free trial membership to try out.

    Personal training programme?

    Our fitness trainers would gladly make one for you, and it’s free! You can always make an appointment. New: you can now easily schedule your appointment using the timetable above. Or just ask one of the fitness trainers in our fitness area.

    The extras

    Fit test

    The fit test has been developed by the USC sports lab. For this you do a sub-maximum cycle test in order to check your level of fitness. You receive a matching training schedule. You can do this FOR FREE when you have a fitness membership. Please make an appointment with your fitness instructor or at the front desk.

    Weight lifting supervision

    On certain days there will be a trainer in the weight lifting department of Universum, ready for assistance in your training as well as to answer all your questions. In order to use the weight lifting platform you need to have experience in weight lifting. If you do not have any, please take the USC weight lifting course.

    Small group trainings

    • Abs

    In 15 minutes you train your abdomen.

    • Basic movement

    Een goede techniek van de meest elementaire oefeningen is de basis van een goede krachttraining. In deze les wordt aandacht besteed aan vragen als: Hoe voer ik de squat juist uit? Wat is een pull-up en hoe doe ik die? Welke variaties zijn er allemaal voor een deadlift?

    • Calisthenics

    Want to master a hand stand, muscle up, human flag, front and back lever? This is your chance to overcome gravity! Take yourself to the next level and start to train like a gymnast.

    • Core

    Bij deze les is er aandacht voor de lichaamshouding en het op een gecontroleerde manier versterken van de buik- en rugspieren. De training bestaat niet alleen uit grondoefeningen, herkenbaar uit de Pilates lessen, maar wordt ook in uitdagende circuitvormen aangeboden.

    • HIIT

    High Intensity Interval Training. This form of interval training consists of short periods of intense excersise, followed by short breaks. You will improve your general condition, but also your speed and strength by using simple materials and your body weight. All that in less than 30 minutes: worth trying!

    • High performance

    Techniques and  power training for competitive sports(wo)men. You exercise according to techniques from weight lifting and powerlifting.

    • Kettlebell

    Power and endurance training Russian style. A kettlebell or girya is an iron cast weight that resembles a bullet with a handle. Core power. Learn about all its training options.

    • Mobility class

    In deze les staat het verhogen van soepelheid en lenigheid in de spieren en gewrichten centraal. Dit kan je helpen om de bewegingsuitslag van oefeningen te vergroten en zo meer te bereiken met je krachttraining.

    • Outdoor fitness

    Want to play outside? Check this outdoor fitness workout. Prawler, huge tires, hammers and rope are the materials you are going to use. The trainings take place in spring and summer from 1 March til 31 October. Only very very very bad weather can prevent an outdoor fitness from taking place.

    • Strength

    Er zijn verschillende manieren om fysiek sterker te worden: trainen met je eigen lichaamsgewicht of juist met dumbells of barbells, de focus op spieruithoudingsvermogen of juist op spieropbouw. Bij deze les kun je elke dag iets anders verwachten!

    • Stretching

    A 15 min. cooling down with stretch and recovery excercises.


    Synrgy is a big, red fitness machine, that enables a very efficient total body workout. The trainings are 30 minutes. You will be tired. But satisfied! You will do a high intensity interval circuit training with a lot of variation and a high fun factor.

    • WAC

    Weightlifting Aerobic Circuit, deze training is oorspronkelijk gebaseerd op het Olympisch gewichtheffen, maar in feite een waardevolle full-body training voor iedere sporter.

    Group fitness at the USC

    You can also join our group fitness programme with your fitness membership.

    Sports wear & material

    Sports wear is compulsory as well as clean sports shoes.


    Always take a towel to the gym (see also our house rules). Forgot it? Towels can be rented at the USC sports desk for €1 a piece.


    Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! This membership comprises a whole lot of different sports. Fitness is part of the passe-partout.

    Barbell training

    Every USC fitness location, except Amstelcampus sport fitness has its own barbell platform.

    Power training guidance

    At the Olympic platform in Universum for all levels.

    • Women’s weightlifting

    Workout with Olympic weightlifting, W.A.C.(weightlifting aerobic circuit) endurance, techniques of snatch and jerk. These are very complete techniques which make you stronger.

    • Power lifting advanced

    Guidance for advanced power lifters in Universum.

    Are you a beginner and you want to do weight lifting or power lifting? Do a course first!

    Train at ASC or PCH Fitness only

    For category II and III members there is a special fitness membership to train exclusively at ASC or at PCH Fitness. Please turn to the relevant desk.

    Medical fitness

    In medical fitness you work on increasing your workload capacity in case of injuries of your musculo-skeletal system, under the guidance of a remedial therapist and in co-operation with USC Fysiotherapie. You make an appointment for medical fitness at the ASC desk. Medical fitness is offered outside the regular opening hours.

    Take a free trial membership


    Fitness / 10x (valid 6 months)

    Category I € 46.50

    Category II € 73,-

    Category III € 98,-

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    Fitness / 25x (valid 1 year)

    Category I € 93,-

    Category II € 146.50

    Category III € 196,-

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    Fitness / half year

    Category I € 116.50

    Category II € 195.50

    Category III € 285,-

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    Fitness / year

    Category I € 160.50

    Category II € 267,-

    Category III € 504,-

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    Fitness / 3 months

    Category I € 73,-

    Category II € 114.50

    Category III € 152.50

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    Fitness / 1 month

    Category I € 28.50

    Category II € 43,-

    Category III € 56.50

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    Fitness off peak / half year

    Category I € 79.50

    Category II € 125.50

    Category III € 210,-

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    Fitness off peak / year

    Category I € 118.50

    Category II € 198,-

    Category III € 369,-

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    Fitness off peak / 3 months

    Category I € 52.50

    Category II € 99.50

    Category III € 120.50

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    Online or at the desk

    1x entrance
    Cat. I € 8,-
    Cat. II & III € 12,-

    Off-peak hours
    All fitness locations:
    Monday – Friday until 15:00.

    Payment by bank collection
    This is possible for all memberships that exceed the amount of €250,-. Ask about the possibilities at your front desk.


    Sportcentrum Universum
    Science Park 306
    1098 XH Amsterdam
    (020) 525 89 55

    Plan route using Google Maps

    PCH Fitness
    Spuistraat 134
    1012 VB Amsterdam
    (020) 525 89 61

    Plan route using Google Maps

    Dr. Meurerlaan 10
    1067 SM Amsterdam Osdorp
    (020) 525 89 09

    Plan route using Google Maps

    Meibergdreef 27
    1105 AZ Amsterdam
    (020) 566 32 23

    Plan route using Google Maps

    Amstelcampus sport & fitness
    Tweede Boerhaavestraat 10
    1091 AN Amsterdam
    (020) 525 80 75

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    Categories shortened (for full categories)
    Cat. Istudents UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
    Cat. IIemployees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
    Cat. IIIanyone else
    One-time subscription fee €10,-