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Ballroom dancing

USC offers a dancing course for ballroom and salsa in cooperation with student dance association AmsterDance. Join as a couple or individually!


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Beginners course ballroom and salsa

Every 6 months a beginners course starts at AmsterDance. In the 20 weeks course you will learn the basics of various ballroom dance styles as well as salsa. You do not need to be a member of the association for this beginners course. The course is completed with a medal test where you can invite friends and family and receive a dance diploma.

The course

  • In the beginners course you will learn 7 dances: the English waltz, tango, quickstep, chachacha, rumba, jive and salsa.
  • You will learn the basic figures of each dance.
  • You will learn the techniques to execute the figures correctly.
  • You will also learn about leading and following, meaning you and your dance partner can learn how to dance together.
  • You can join with a partner or individually. During the classes you will not only dance with one partner, but rotate couples so that you better learn leading and following.

Other styles and courses

Besides the beginners course, AmsterDance offers dance classes in various styles. The classes vary from bachata to Argentinian tango to lindy hop. The association also offers courses in ballroom dancing at all levels: from casual group classes to competitive dance training. Whether you just like to dance now and then, regularly train or prepare for competitions: everyone is welcome at AmsterDance!

About the association

AmsterDance is the student dance association of Amsterdam, a place to dance with fellow students and to combine sports with fun! We organise classes in various dance styles, with a focus primarily on partner dances, because dancing together is just the best. We strive for a social, open environment for all. You can always pop by for a friendly visit, or join in a dance at one of our association evenings on Wednesday or Sunday to get to know AmsterDance.


Subscription / more info
You can join with a partner or individually, directly at the association.
Check sdvamsterdance.


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