Equipment Adventure Race Amsterdam 2018

Equipment Adventure Race Amsterdam 2018


Mandatory equipment per person:
• Mountainbike with working breaks, gears and lights. We’ll check your bike before the start. You can also rent an MTB via USC.
• Bicycle helmet (when you rent an MTB this is included)
• Headlamp (with sufficient battery)
• Backpack with enough food and drinks (a minimum of 2L) for the entire race. There are no organized points where you can refill your bottle.
• Raincoat
• ID/passport – packed waterproof (e.g. ziplock)

Mandatory equipment per team:
• 1x small first aid kit (2 safety blankets, 1 temporary dressing, 4 plasters, 1 sterile gauze compress, 1 meter sports tape)
• 1x bicycle repair kit (including 2 inner tubes, 1 bicycle pump and a multitool)
• Protractor 1:25000
• Pen/pencil/fineliner/paper
• Phone (dumbphone) with the phone numbers of the organization (phone numbers will be provided during the briefing)
• Watch/clock
• Compass
• Scissors

Highly recommended equipment:
• Money for consumptions
• Waterproof card holder
• Card holder that can be attached to your steering wheel
• Dry socks and gloves
• Cycling wear
• Warm and dry clothes
• Running shoes
• Permanent marker
• Swimsuit

Prohibited equipment:
• Smartphone with internet and/or GPS (if this is a problem for the dumbphone, the organization can seal your phone. The phone has to still be sealed at the finish)
• Other cards than those provided by the organization