Freshmen promotion: €10,- per month

Freshmen promotion: €10,- per month

Are you entering your first year of study? The USC has a pretty special offer to make your beginning student life even more attractive..

The freshmen promotion

3 months of passe-partout for €30,- (including subscription fee)! With this 3 months membership you can train in the fitness whenever you want, and follow all the trainings of sports that are part of the passe-partout.

For whom?
First year students in cat. I.

Promotion period
1 August – 30 September 2017. Subscribe no later than 30 September.

How do you register?
At one of the front desks of the USC locations

Terms and conditions

1. The promotion applies to the passe-partout membership of 3 months.
2. You will have to pay for the entire membership at once. The subscription fee is included in the €30,- for this membership.
3. The membership starts directly after it’s purchased.
4. The promotion applies only to new members.
5. The promotion applies only to freshman bachelor students in cat. I. The promotion doesn’t apply to master students.
6. The membership can only be purchased at the front desks of the USC locations, and not online.

Passe-partout: what's that?