Promotion for members

Bring in a new USC member and both get a month of free fitness.

1. Whenever an existing USC member brings in a new member, both will receive a month free fitness. The membership will start directly, unless the existing member has a valid membership. In this case the 1 month fitness membership will start directly after the expiration date of the running membership.
2. The existing member has been a member of the USC for at least 1 month.
3. The existing member has a valid (course) membership.
4. The new member never had a (trial) membership or course membership at the USC.
5. This promotion only applies if you both show up at the same time at one of the USC front desks.
6. This promotion only applies if the new member purchases a membership with a minimum duration of 1 month.
7. It is possible to bring in various new members.
8. The promotion doesn’t apply to the internal USC competitions.
9. The promotion doesn’t apply in combination with a trial membership.
10. This is an ongoing promotion.

Trial membership

Are you new at the USC and want to experience our facilities? Check out this trial membership!