Becoming a member

Becoming a member at the USC is easy.

How to subscribe at the USC?

  • You can subscribe online for most of our sports. Check your sport for more info.
  • You can also subscribe at the sports desk of the USC locations. USC Body & Mind doesn’t have a frontdesk i.e. you can’t subscribe there.
  • At all USC front desks you can pay by pin only. You can not pay with cash.
  • To subscribe, you need proof of identification.
  • In order to subscribe using the tariffs of category I or II, you need to prove that you are a UvA/HvA student or employee, 6VWO student, AUV-member*), HvA alumnus or awaiting you’re clerkship. Please bring your proof of enrollment of this academic year, work contract, school declaration, HvA diploma or AUV-card.

*) At the USC Sports desk you can register for the AUV (Amsterdamse Universiteits Vereniging). For info mail

One-time participation
One-time participation is possible for most of the USC sports activities. Category I participants pay € 8,- for this, category II and III participants pay € 12,-. If you subscribe that same day, this fee will be refunded.

Finger scan system|
All USC locations (except USC Body & mind) use a fingerscan system to get access to our facilities.

Exceptive clause
The USC has a strict category division, and a just as strict division in sports season periods. However it can happen that you, for whatever reason, think that your case should be an exception to this rule or to other rules. In this case, you can submit a written request to the USC director, in which you clearly state your request and why you think an exception should be made for you. Any decision made will be submitted to you in writing. This decision is final.